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Fund Services

Our philosophy is simple - if technology cannot reduce the cost of operations, then the technology is not doing its job. Through proprietary technology, we offer the fastest turnaround of data and reporting in the industry.

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What We Do

While other fund administrators are content using spreadsheets or dated licensed technology, Formidium team of industry veterans have spent multiple years building and testing a more efficient method of fund administration using progressive, user-friendly, and secure technology.

Seamless is our all-inclusive cloud-based fund administration platform, while CommonSubDoc is used to manage and quickly onboard your investors.

Fund Administration

Assisting fund setup including referrals to brokers, banks, custodians, law firms, auditors etc.; Fund document review, feedback and suggestions for operational items to consider; Regulatory filings including FATCA/CRS, Form PF, CPO/PQR, Data Protection, EDGAR filings, etc.; Treasury Services; Board Meeting Support.

Fund Accounting

Daily reconciliation of trades, securities and cash balances; full portfolio, fund and investor accounting daily including daily NAV calculations; calculating management and performance fees; automated waterfall calculations; support for all currencies traded and currency classes including cryptocurrencies; creation of financial statements; support auditors and the audit process.

Investor Services

Processing investors activity; electronic subscription technology; running applicable anti-money laundering checks in accordance with global regulations; dynamic, secure investor reporting and communications portal.

Treasury Services

Opening and maintaining bank accounts; processing investor cash movements; paying invoices and managing collateral and margin movements via a centralized treasury services team.

Audit Support

Financial statement preparation; identify audit timetable; serve as main contact for auditors and audit queries; arrange for electronic and hard copy financial statement distribution.