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Sudrania Fund Services Unveils Cryptocurrency Fund Administration Solution

June 26, 2020

Seamless Crypto platform features multi-currency investment accounting and reporting specifically designed for digital assets

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – June 26, 2020 –Sudrania Fund Services Corp ("Sudrania") today announces the unveiling of Seamless Crypto, its full-scale fund administration platform designed specifically to handle the unique operational needs of digital assets. The platform was designed using the Sudrania team’s 100+ years of combined fund administration, back-office, and technology experience. Sudrania’s Crypto experience encompasses high frequency, indexing, and arbitrage strategies, as well as a thorough knowledge of cold/hardware wallets, OTC transactions, ICO’s, and forks.

The Seamless Crypto application allows investment managers to fully outsource their fund administration and back-office operations via a cloud-based solution and provides all the functionality needed to manage Cryptocurrency funds, including:

  • API integrations with over 20 of the top exchanges
  • Connectivity to multiple data and pricing sources
  • Ability to account for multiple currency subscription classes
  • Daily NAV calculations and reporting solutions at portfolio, fund, and investor level
  • A transparent general ledger system that facilitates a seamless audit process and allows for draft financial statement preparation
  • Robust reconciliation capabilities that can handle high-frequency trading volumes daily
  • An SOC2 audited secure online portal
  • Comprehensive tax solution that covers fund tax returns, K1s, 1099s, and tax returns
  • A one-stop solution to handle crypto spot and derivative trades, ICOs, wallets, and forks
  • Fractionalized and customizable reporting
  • White labeled branding for the online manager and investor portal

Managers using the new platform are already commending its features and lauding the support from the Sudrania team. “Speed to market was crucial for us when launching our fund, so having a platform that could get us up and running with bespoke reporting and rigorous recordkeeping was a game-changer,” said Eric Bernhard, Director, Vice President of Marketing of The Bayesian Group. “We see the Sudrania team as an extension of our firm and are pleased to leverage their deep industry knowledge in both fund administration and technology, which allows us to focus on generating alpha for our investors.”

Manish Agrawal, Co-Founder & MD of Product for Sudrania, remarked, “We are thrilled that our extensive experience with cryptocurrency funds, coupled with our full suite of the portfolio, fund, and investor accounting services, helps funds, managers, and market makers’ operations run smoothly. It is gratifying that Cryptocurrency funds rely on us to deliver clean and reconciled data as they navigate their exchanges and third parties.”

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About Sudrania

Sudrania Fund Services Corp is a Chicago-based fund administrator marrying the power of cloud computing with a scalable boutique service model. Sudrania’s Seamless platform (including Seamless Crypto) is an integrated portfolio, fund, and investor accounting system with full a scale general ledger system and the capability to process millions of trade and produce daily NAV for impact funds, hedge funds, cryptocurrency funds, commodity pools, and mortgage funds. This integrated software system is equally capable of supporting automation of capital calls/distribution and other complex calculations for private equity and real estate funds as well as Special Purpose Vehicles. For more information, visit

About Bayesian Group

The companies that make up Bayesian Group create software and trading algorithms. Built on top of that technology are Financial services such as market making, liquidity provision, and an OTC desk that service institutional investors and other businesses. Bayesian Fund (a segregated portfolio) is an alpha-generating hedge fund that leverages proprietary algorithms to deliver outsized returns to its institutional investors. For more information, visit