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Message From the Founder

June 29, 2019

Anniversaries are the opportunities to recollect our year gone memories and to cherish them again.

Today we are celebrating our company’s 3rd anniversary of foundation and I will like to take a moment to thank you all who are sharing this special day with us.

It doesn’t matter where you go in your life, but whom you have beside you all the way. I am not only thankful to my clients for giving us a chance and showing faith in us but also, our team members that have worked very hard towards our common goal of making a world-class fund services business. They stood by a new company that was facing competition from various players in the market and I appreciate their support during our ‘start-up’ years.

It is immensely gratifying to be celebrating this anniversary as the future for the fund services/technology business looks so bright. Demand for fund administration continues to grow, and Sudrania Fund Services is at the forefront building new, dynamic, efficient technology & products around the globe.

We are today a SOC I, II Type 2, and SEC-registered well-established company with an experienced team of 100+ employees within a span of three years. With time as our family grew, our office infrastructure has also grown. From different locations to different countries, our company has been making its way in the market and providing strong competition to the legacy system and service providers. Our global dream has led us to grow our offices in India, Hongkong , and the USA. We are servicing clients globally such as Hongkong, Canada, USA, Europe, Switzerland, India, Greece, Columbia, Taiwan, UK and France.

Our portfolio in the past three years has improved with providing services to all type of clients and funds such as hedge funds, mutual funds, commodity traders, allocators, crypto funds, pension funds, private equity firms, real estate funds, high net worth individuals and ultimately everyday investor. Today, we can proudly say that we are the supermarket of fund Services, a one-stop solution for the fund managers.

It was 2016, which was a notable year for us for many reasons. We four, I, Nitin Somani, Manish Agrawal, and Manish Sudrania initiated this journey with the support of our family and friends.

My first task was to paint a picture of where we wanted to take our business and our employees have equally contributed to making this day possible. Our organization started with the incorporation of core human values, such as Trust, Integrity, and Teamwork to ensure a healthy and progress-oriented work culture. We have done our best to offer our employees with the better business, flexible work culture and a challenging, but learning atmosphere.

Our Focus from the day one was on Infrastructure, Product, and Trained Staff. We have changed our operation office in India 4 times because of growing Infrastructure.

Talking about milestones, we started as a team of 5 people in 2016 with one office and with no time reached to 50 in the 2018 and crossed 100 in 2019, counting on more in the coming years. This journey was not a cakewalk but it seemed like one because of the hard work and dedication of the team towards the success of Sudrania Fund Services with our business leaders Rahul Choudhary, Vaibhav Agrawal, Jitendra Jain, Silky Mittal, Ravindra Tailor, Dinesh Kumar, Devyani Vyas, Samridhi Pareek, Prakash Singh Tanwar, Jaideep Malpani, Arpit Garg, Shivani Mittal, Deepesh Agrawal, Rishab Jain & many others contributing from the early days till today. We are the big puzzle pieces of this company which cannot be completed without us being together joining each other in our success.

From the day this company was born till the day, these three years are not a matter of single chapter, but it is a book of both ups and downs, however more on our strength of unity. Along with our global exposure, we have opened doors establishing a healthy, and versatile office environment. We have such a talented pool of leaders to guide the company towards growth. We try to bring the change we urge towards the development of both our company and employees. We not only work together but laugh, smile and celebrate together because this journey has been and always be ours as a family.

These 3 years can be defined as a kaleidoscope of happy and best memories of my life, new friendship, and relationships. I have found my new friends as my co-founders, colleagues & my employees who have worked day and night to make this day possible for me. I take pride in saying that we have the best and extraordinary employees with equally high aspirations and dreams. Over the last three years, this business has undergone massive changes but our organization has become stronger and efficient than ever before, focusing on Strong Infrastructure. Our company has become a shining example amongst the leading organization around the globe in the Fund Administrative Market.

There is a saying “Customer is the King” but in our scenario “Customer is our family” with whom I’m honored to work with. I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart for their belief in us and our abilities to help them achieve their goals and vision of success, while also challenging us to be better. The Sudrania team has been continuously enriched by the people that we’ve met and worked with at our client organizations. Many of them have also turned up as our friends and advisors, allowing us to grow and learn individually, and, as a company. Again, thank you for your unwavering commitment and great relationships.

So today, I will like to thank all of you once again and assure you that we’ll maintain our culture of collaboration, friendly work environment, and positive energy. So, let’s look forward to more such amazing years with even stronger professional relationships in the future and to take this company to greater heights. As we all took time to express gratitude and to celebrate these fantastic three years gone by, let’s turn eagerly to the years that lie ahead. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being a part of this special day!

Best wishes and regards to all our employees and clients globally!!